Funny with Adjectives

Here is a list of how to use adjective with nouns.

  1. a juicy fruit
    1. lemon
    2. citrus
  2. a roaring lion
    1. a roaring tiger
  3. a cool ice
    1. a cool tube
  4. a comfortable chair, bed, hotel
  5. a helpless man, child
  6. a narrow bridge
  7. a loyal dog, person, servent
  8. an even street, surface, amount
  9. a piercing cold, sound
  10. a fragrant flower, perfume
  11. a delicious food, cake, meal
  12. a haunted place, room, bathroom
  13. an ingenious student, scientist
  14. a tricky thief, situation
  15. an infectious wound,sore
  16. an urgent hour, announcement,parcel, message
  17. a cotton shirt,towel,ball,bud
  18. a shallow canal,pool
  19. a poisonous insect,dart, fish
  20. a steep mountain ,hill ,climb.path,stairway
    1. Steep means high
  21. thief noun
    1. thieve verb


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