Weekly Vocabulary

Weekly Vocabulary

Study it, know it, use it!

1. riddled (adj.) ‘ริดเดิลดฺ
Thai translation: เต็มไปด้วย
Example: The project is riddled with corruption.

2. hamper– hampered, hampering (verb) ‘แฮมเพอะ
Thai translation: ทำให้ชงัก หยุดยั้ง ขัดขวาง
Example: Our camping trip in Khao Yai National Park was hampered by rain.

3. seasoning (noun) ‘ซีซะนิง
Thai translation: เครื่องปรุงแต่ง เครื่องชูรส
Example: This food is bland. It needs more seasoning.

4. search party (noun) เซิร์ซ ‘พาร์ที
Thai translation: คณะสำรวจ
Example: A search party has been sent out to look for the lost boy.

5. similar (adj.) ‘ซิมมะเลอะ
Thai translation: เหมือนกัน คล้ายกัน
Example: Thai soap operas are very similar.

6. head– headed, heading (verb) เฮด
Thai translation: เป็นหัวหน้า เป็นผู้นำ
Example: Ajahn Ladda heads the English department.

Weekly Quiz

Use the new vocabulary in the following sentences:

1. The _____ found the missing baby.
2. The walls of the pub are _____ with bullet holes.
3. Pepper is a popular _____.
4. I nominate Somboon to _____ the committee.
5. We were _____ in our efforts by the bad weather.
6. Noi’s voice is very _____ to mine.

>>>answers หรือคุณสามารถส่งอีเมล์เปล่ามาที่ answers486@yindii.com

Weekly Idiom and Proverb
Idiom of the Week

“stab (someone) in the back”
Thai translation: หักหลัง
Example: My friends stabbed me in the back by refusing to support me at the meeting.

Proverb (สุภาษิต) of the Week

Strike while the iron is hot

Weekly Fill in the Blanks

Directions: Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. _____ means “to set free or release from bondage”.
A. Liable B. Liberate C. Levy
2. _____ means “to restore after deterioration, as a building”.
A. Renovate B. Rendezvous C. Remunerate
3. _____ means “to put an end or stop to”.
A. Terminal B. Terminus C. Terminate
4. _____ means “an instrument for indicating the atmospheric pressure per unit of surface”.
A. Barometer B. Baritone C. Battalion



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